Glamour & Grace
"In 1973, racial segregation was being eased in major US cities, but racial stereotypes were still present...."
"Wearing the cheong sam, sash and crown introduced other ethnicities to our culture."
"It gave me the opportunity to talk about our culture and the symbolism of many festivities and traditions."
- Sandra Wong, Miss Chinatown USA 1973
"The pageant helps the young ladies get involved in the community."
"Since [Winning the Miss Chinatown USA title] I have never had a boring day in my life!"
- Rose Chung, Miss Chinatown USA 1981
"I never thought of things as a beauty pageant -- I know I'm not a beauty… you don't have to have any structural accoutrements."
"If they like you, fine, if not, that’s all right!  No one likes everyone."
 - June Gong, Miss Chinatown USA 1958
"Following the pageant, I continued my involvement with the Asian American community. I organized pickets and demonstrations."
- Cynthia Gouw, Miss Chinatown USA 1984
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